Diamond Solo

In Cuben Fiber

And with .8oz/sq yd no-see-um

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    Excellent ultra-lightweight solo tent designed by Tim Evans.
    This 1 person model has plenty of room for one person and some gear.
    Extemely lightweight (about 9 oz the cuben fiber model). Can be packed in pocket in pack or pannier.
    Sets up using one trekking pole, single lightweight Easton pole or can be hung from trees. The required pole length is between 52 to 54".
    Have both front and rear vents with drawstring closures.
    For most applications, the Diamond Solo is available in .51 oz cuben fiber. For a more extreme conditions, we offer it in .74 oz cuben fiber.
    Comes with 5 line locs and cordage along the perimeter and with 2 mini cam locks with dyneema cord.
    Available with perimeter netting or perimeter and full door netting for use in bug infested seasons.
    Also available with full floor and perimeter netting.
    Setup takes about 2 to 3 minutes.
  Sleeps: 1
Seasons: 4

  • 125" x 64"
  • Front Peak Height: Rec. 48
  • Rear Peak Height: Rec. 34
  • Packed: 10" x 5" dia.

  • Weight
  • .51 Cuben Fiber: 9 oz.

  • Materials
  • Cuben Fiber 0.51 oz.
  • Cuben Fiber 0.74 oz.
  • Optional netting:
        black no-see-um
        .8 oz/sq yd

  • Included
  • Tent Canopy
  • Mini Cam Locks
  • Guidelines
  • Dyneema Cord
  • Stuff sack

  • Optional Accessories
  • Stakes
  • Easton poles