PyraNet 1

Available with 1.1oz/sq yd or .8oz/sq yd no-see-um

pyraNet 1

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    Very small footprint so that the PyraNet 1 can be hung under tent, tarp, or lines to trees. Can also be set up with single trekking pole or with other type of pole (shock-corded Easton poles).
    Available netting can be 1.1 oz/sq yd (standard) or .8 oz/sq yd (optional) no-see-um.
    Fits within the PyraTent (with or without the attachable vestibule)
    Regular PyraNet 1 is 90" in length (fits up to a 6'2" person.) Can also get a extended version that is 96" in length (fits up to 6' 6" person.)
    Also available in extended height (58") and extended width (46") to fit under a 9'x9'x 6' high pyramid tent.
    Also fits well under the Mountain Laurel Design's DuoMid shelter and Trailstar® (without modifications) and other similar shelters.
    Can be modified with higher peak and/or width. Just contact us with your requirements.
    We also offer a Shangri-la 3 modified pyraNet 1 that extends into the rear section of the SL3 tent and is 56" tall. The standard modification is all noseeum mesh. However, you can get the sides in ripstop, silnylon, or cuben fiber. Just contact us with your requirements.
    Can be modified to fit in the back half of a MLD's Trailstar®. Height 38" to 44".
    Can be modified to fit under Zpacks' Hexamid shelter. Requires the 10" extensions on at least 3 sides (additional to the Hexamid modification.)
    Can be modified with silnylon or .51 oz cuben fiber up the sides for extreme weather conditions. Normal height of optional silnylon extensions is 10" above the bathtub floor, but it can be made with higher extensions.
    Can also be modified with ripstop and silnylon ripstop combination for different weather conditions.
    Other modifications are possible. Just contact us with your ideas.
    Bathtub style floor to keep water away from your sleeping bag. Standard floors are 30D silnylon (1.35 oz silicone coated) or 70D silnylon (2.3 oz silicone coated) . Floor also available in 0.74 and 1.25 oz cuben fiber.
    All seams double stitched for durability.
    Corners have webbing for stakes or cords.
    Zipper slider opens from top down center to right, from top down center to left, full open from right or from left for complete opening, or custom arrangement.
    You can change one of the standard zippers to an inverted T zipper for an additional charge. Just select custom zipper and select T zipper under modifications dropdown menu.
    Easy setup takes about 1 to 2 minutes.
  Sleeps: 1
Seasons: 3 to 4

Regular Length
  • 90" x 30"
  • Tent Peak Height: 44"
  • Sleeps 6'2" person
  • Packed: 12" x 4" dia.

  • Extended Length
  • 96" x 30"
  • Sleeps 6'6" person
  • Tent Peak Height: 44"
  • Packed: 12" x 4" dia.

  • Weight (Reg length)
  • 30D sil floor: 11 oz.
  • 70D sil floor: 14 oz.
  • .74oz Cuben floor 8 oz.
  • 1.25 oz Cuben floor 10 oz.

  • Materials
  • 30D floor 1.35 oz (std)
        silicone-coated nylon
  • 70D floor 2.3 oz (opt)
        silicone-coated nylon
  • Cuben Fiber floor
        0.74 oz (opt)
        1.25 oz (opt)
  • Netting: black no-see-um
        1.1 oz/sq yd standard
        .8 oz/sq yd optional

  • Included
  • Tent canopy/floor
  • Guidelines/linelocs
  • Stuff sack

  • Optional Accessories
  • Stakes
  • Easton poles