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BearPaw Wilderness Designs is a small tent/acessories manufacturer. All of our products are made in Colorado. Our main goal is to produce high quality, durable, and extremely lightweight products. We work for individual and commercial clients. If you need one or hundreds of our standard or custom products, we will work with you to fulfill your requirements.

Just a few of our services include, but not limited to:
  • Ultra lightweight fabrics and supplies
  • Standard inhouse designs
  • Modifications of our designs
  • Custom customer designs
  • Expert tent and outdoor equipment repair
  • Modifications of customer's tents
  • Inhouse design services as per customer's requirements
We double or triple stitch all seams, use first quality materials, and test our designs in the intended weather conditions. Our designs are intended to have small footprints to be set up in the smallest location, to be erected in a few minutes with uncomplicated set up procedures, and to be minimal weight so that your pack or pannier will not be over burdened with a heavy tent.

If you have a custom idea, we are here to work with you and create exactly what you want and need. You can be assured of a product that will succeed in your outdoor adventure.
  Luna 2 in Boundary Waters
Brian Hansel Photography
pyranet 2 canopy 2
PyraNet 2 Under the MLD's Trailstar® Canopy 2
In fact, for the first 30 days from date of purchase, we offer a full refund of any standard product (non-custom and/or unmodified) purchased from us. You are allowed to set up tents, tarps and bivys and even try them. This is a no question return policy. Just return the product in as received condition. For full details, please see our return policy.

To ensure your long term satisfaction, your product carries a 1 year warranty. Check out our warranty policy.

lair lair
Lair Lair in the UK
All of our silnylon, ripstop, and cuben fiber material is manufactured in the US and not imported. The manufacturing standards are more consistent and better controlled in the USA. This policy ensures you of a better end product that will meet the original material specifications.

Also, all of our products are made in the USA in small quanities and by highly qualified craftspersons who take complete pride in the products they produce. Then our products are individually inspected before going out for resell. Any defects are corrected or the product will be discarded.

We do custom work for adventurers all the time. Check out some of our work and contact us. We can quickly give you a firm price and delivery time.

So give our products a try. We know that you will be happy.

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